Texas Tulip Engagements Andrew + Cassidy


Wow this was a moment I would forever be embarrassed. (insert hand to face emoji)…

So planning Cassidy and Andrew’s engagement session I knew I wanted something fun and different. Cassidy’s mom Kelley is so super sweet even though I have never met her in person, our phone conversations could go on for hours and hours so I knew I wanted to do something special for them. Keep in mind I am thinking I had never met them. Cassidy felt so at ease texting me, messaging me and so on and which I absolutely love by the way. I love when my brides can really feel comfortable enough to ask for my opinions and to get help with planning. But Cassidy felt this way because we had met before because we knew one another, I even knew Andrew but I didn’t realize who they were until out they pop from his pick up! I nearly fell to the ground because I had no idea 1. That Andrew and Cassidy both were in the wedding of another client of mine last year… (which I should have known since they are brother’s) and 2. That this bridesmaid and groomsman were together! I was totally floored and was so excited to see them and embarrassed… did I mention that?

We all had a really good laugh at my expense, we stopped and met the funniest old man at a coffee shop that wasn’t open. Then we walked around the tiny historic town. Found some really cute spots to spot and take pictures. Then we headed out to Texas Tulips. Now to say I was a little disappointed at the amount of tulips would be a gross understatement. When we drove up my whole heart sank and I was worried to death that Cassidy would be upset that there were only a few rows of tulips that had bloomed… (if you see this place’s facebook page you would think that it looks like Holland, false advertisement) But we bucked up and made the most out of it. Ducking and dodging people was the hardest for me and making these to get PDA in front of 200 strangers was probably the hardest for them. However, we ended up with some of the most gorgeous sunset images I think I could have ever taken there, even with all of our set backs. They wore the cutest outfits for tulip picking and the hole shoot really came together so beautifully!

I can’t wait for your wedding just 7 days after mine! I’m so excited to get to head out to The Ponderosa again for another gathering of Andrew’s Family and I finally get to meet Cassidy’s side! I look forward to seeing all the planning come together! Enjoy!


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