Sweet Oklahoma Engagement Session Trevor + Jaclyn

In between all of this crazy “spring” weather there was this beautiful day! We are so lucky to have caught it at just the right time! I was so surprised to go just 20 minutes south of my house and the trees already had so many more leaves and there was bright green grass ever where. I had driven down this road many many times and never knew one single person who lived on it.

I was greeted by a buzzing ranger with Jackies mom working away on their ranch. She only stopped for a brief moment to shake my hand and let me know they were inside. I knew right then I was going to like them. I understand the idea of racing the sun, trying to push through your day as fast as you can to beat the sunset because once it’s dark, work must be done and you will continue¬† that task tomorrow. The Hicks ranch is absolutely stunning, it looks like a golf course to say the least. Not one spec of broomsage, weeds or brush. You can see the work they pour into it and I love that about a family.

While strolling through their pastures, they pointed out the spot she loved and wanted to have their ceremony. We talked about all the things that go into a wedding and where they were in the planning. I get excited about wedding planning, even though I only have very few things on my list checked off. I wish I could be a DIY bride, I love making arrangements but my time is very limited this year. Jackie has a team of people from her family ready to take on her wedding day!

I can’t wait to see these two giggle boxes smile their way to one another on the big day! They are so loved by their friends and family and I can’t wait to celebrate with them! I just know in my heart that this is going to be so special.


Bobbye Jean



Seriously the most giggly people I have ever photographed! It was so much fun watching them laugh and play around!


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