Broken Bow Wedding Lane + Brooke

What?! My last wedding of 2017! Wow what an amazing year it was with all of my gorgeous brides and handsome grooms. I am normally a cheesy person so I won’t spare you but I honestly have saved the best for last and why I say this is the best is because this is my best work I have produced. And I feel like I was able to accomplish that because I had absolutely no restrictions. I set the entire timeline and I was looked at as the leader up to the day.

Brooke and her super sweet momma just trusted me in every way. I helped them create a great timeline that allowed for more creative freedom, they took my advice on the first look and the daddy/daughter first look (which made for amazing moments) and they received such a big gallery!

Also I say this is my best work because I was able to find the beauty in every little corner of this semi-difficult venue, because my couple just trusted me. It was so liberating and I felt so great from the moment I got there.

The bridal party was so funny and had a ton of laughs through out the afternoon getting ready, the groomsmen just chilling and watching movies and I got the time to really work on details like Brooke’s dress. She killed it when choosing her dress. It was so beyond gorgeous and it fit her like a glove.

There were so many sweet moments too, like when her daddy seen her for the first time, and when they pinned her with her great grandfathers veterans pin. That one got me, I would love for Hannah to pin one of mine on my granddaughter I hypothetically will have one day. Just thinking about that gives me the chills. Watching Brooke’s mom put on her veil got me, cause I know in her mind she was thinking, “Wasn’t she born like yesterday?” I always just think about Hannah, my little girl, every time I see a bride get dressed. I hope I am the best “MOB” ever.

I knew that this wedding was going to be so fun and laid back because that was how these two were at their engagement session they were up for anything and just let me take the wheel. I knew that the cotton was blooming so I took them down south of Paris for a little joy ride around the town and then out to the country for some sunset cotton patch portraits. That blog post was pretty funny you can read it here.

Congratulations you two, I am so excited for what 2018 brings you! Warmest wishes and best of luck!


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