Bryant Family | Finley, Oklahoma | Bobbye Jean Photography

When Hendrix came barreling out of the car I knew I would have my hands full with this little lady! Which was no sweat because I have a sassy little beauty myself. I understand her personality, full of giggles and big smiles in bursts, then just like my own little diva, she’s needs a break to compose herself… hehe. 

By the end of the session Henni and I were best of friends she wanted me to hold her while I did everyone else shots, I mean if the camera lady gives you a cookie aren’t you supposed to best friends?! 😀 

Not only were we celebrating Hendrix’s 2nd birthday we were capturing her Uncle Kel’s and Aunt Taylors one year anniversary and the celebration of mommy’s two year big move back to Oklahoma. Just some gorgeous family shots where in order at well for Henni’s stunning grandparents! 

I’m not going to lie I was super nervous doing their photos, I mean look how pretty they all are!! 

Thanks Bryant family for choosing me!!

Click here to see and download the full gallery! 


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