Jordan + Brad | McAlester Wedding Photographer | Bobbye Jean Photography

These two were so much fun to spend the afternoon with! Brad wasn’t to thrilled with all my different background ideas in Downtown McAlester, since we were right on a busy street and making them kiss with all the cars passing by was turning his face beat red. So he slightly begged to get the heck out of there. Jordan and I both giggled and agreed to head out to their wedding venue for some outdoor style shots. (Brad was happy) 

This groom knew exactly how to keep his bride laughing the entire evening and we wrapped up with some gorgeous sunset images, even though it was a pretty windy day the light was so perfect. It seriously just glows up there at The Pointe and makes for the most gorgeous back-lit images you could ever ask for! 

I can not wait until the big day 2018 is going to be awesome!! Here is just a few of my favorites from their gallery! 


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