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When an awesome local photographer asks you to take their family portraits you panic just a little. Like oh man, don’t screw this up, kinda panic. When Karen stopped me one day in my tracks I had sweat pants on, probably a little baby spit up on my shirt and looked a little like death after editing about 10 sessions… I was surprised she stopped and asked for my info. I defiantly looked like a hobo that afternoon and not a professional anything. But I was so excited she gave me the call back and was ready to book. 

Wow like I said, I was terrified, nervous, and sometimes when that happens I go blank, all my rhythm and posing techniques go out the window. Karen and her beautiful family was so easy going, the kiddos were so well behaved and perfect little models (helps mommas a photog) even her husband knew what to do and shared a little story how they are her test dummies! hehe! 

I’m sure Justin was ready to get out of there but we took our time and made everything very relaxed. I got to know them a little better as our couple of hours together passed by and when we were getting close to the end I was feeling so comfortable and all the nerves faded. 

Karen is a phenomenal senior portrait photographer and when someone like that asks you to be a small part of their family it’s more then an honor, it’s a blessing. Thank you Cooper family for trusting me with your memories! 


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