Summer Family Portraits Four Generation of Women

 If you don’t recognized that sweet lady with the hot pink on, thats my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Walls! I don’t think I had ever had a butt whopping till I got in her class! I was a pretty sassy like kiddo and she was for sure to whip me into shape (pun intended)! One thing her and I never agreed on was nap time. I had never had to take a nap and all of a sudden she wanted to just make me do this and I can remember how much I hated it!

I do remember how she would read to us and it was magical. I never heard anyone read a story like that before, adding the highs and lows and making it so interesting I just loved sitting on the mat listening to her. Thanks Mrs. Walls for shaping me into the person I am today, making reading interesting to me and teaching me it’s ok to take a nap. I know you are so proud of all the girls in these pictures! I just love them all.


Bobbye Jean

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