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What an unimaginable time we are going through not just in our little worlds we live in each and every day but the whole world, universally everyone on our planet is going though. 

People who are our friends and neighbors are sacrificing their own health, the health of their loved ones and so much time with their families, so I can spend time with mine. Let me repeat that. People are sacrificing a lot.

I am beyond blessed with such a great privilege to be able to just stay home and take care of my babies and honestly guys and gals I feel a little guilty about it. No really, I feel like I should be out there doing more. If you do know me personally, you know I am one of those to jump out there on the frontline and volunteer. Its just part of who I am as person. But right now there isn't much I can do except give back. Give where I can.  I know I can do this with open arms (in a few weeks of course). #momjokes

I'm so hopeful that we all find our way financially again. I'm hopeful that we will come together to lift each other up and that we some how can repay the debt we owe to the grocery store workers, nurses, doctors, truck drivers, farmers, police, first responders, emergency childcare providers, pharmacists, insurance agents, firemen, drugstore operators and other essential workers…for sure I missed someone!…who are the only reason we can take care of our families at home right now.

In this spirit, and hoping to encourage others to do what they reasonably can too, I’m offering one-for-one local family sessions. If you’ve been appreciating your family like I have lately and feel able to invest in a family photo session at this time, please do!  

If you’re not in a position to invest at the moment, but would love to be a part of giving back, please shoot me a message and nominate an essential worker that you’d like to see receive a complimentary family photo session, I will be giving one away in May. We will also be doing a short term payment plan to accommodate everyones needs. Once your balance is paid in full you and your nomination family will book a date and time. 

Fine Print: Nominations can only be gifted to an employed frontline COVID-19 worker during the time of the pandemic. (which will be verified), 1 hour sessions at our ranch in Finley, Oklahoma. All sessions are subjected to Oklahoma State and Local Tax. Sessions come with All edited hi-resolution images of the photographers choosing, in an online gallery to print and share from. Sessions must be used within 1 year of the date that social distancing guide lines are lifted for the state of Oklahoma, or you will forfeit all monies paid. 

I know….this will eventually pass and we will be gathered together again. Until then, in this time of grief and fear, please keep cheering each other on. Your love and resilience are powerful.

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Giving is the best receiving

All local family sessions booked between now and the May 1st will purchase an additional photo session for an essential front line worker of your choice and their family. Session Price $350.00

air hugs and loves
- B

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