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Thanks Lacy for asking me to take these baseball pictures! I had a lot of fun with this silly group! 😀 Click the link HERE to download and print the images with you friends and family! 

Drillers Baseball | Antlers, Oklahoma | Bobbye Jean Photography

We are in the business of not just video or photography but in the business of relationships. I want to you feel like family or long time friends. You are able to ask me any questions because I am an open book. The better educated you are in this industry not only eases your mind […]

Affordable Wedding Videography | Southeast Oklahoma | Bobbye Jean Photography


Christi was in disbelief when someone told her, her friend Poncho had a crush on her. Once he finally got the courage to ask they found out they both have a love for God and coffee which in turn a great love for one another. Christi found our company through Thumbtack, and we were a […]

Christi + Poncho | Wedding Videographer | Affordable Wedding Video

Aww the Joslin’s, what a sweet couple. I am so pleased you two would come see me for your first ever family session here in Finley. Their session went off without a hitch baby O was so super giggly and with that bright red hair so was I. The Joslin’s prayed so hard for their […]

Joslin Family | Oklahoma Family Photographer


Mrs. Mack is awesome and when I say awesome I really really mean it! If there is one individual in this community and gives back more then enough it would be her. She is a leader in the Parent Teacher Operation, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, she heads a 5k and the proceeds raised […]

Mack Family | North Texas Family Photographer

Meet the Rowland’s they are quiet, sweet and gorgeous. I can imagine I was probably a shock to them with my loud voice, crazy noises and dances! I had the absolute pleasure to be a small part in their family this evening. I got the opportunity to work with them after I had posted an auction […]

Rowland Family | Oklahoma Family Photographer


Seriously I am… I haven’t written a post in almost a YEAR?! Why… I don’t know I just forget that this is an important part of the process and mostly I never know what to say and I hate proof reading and I stink at English…. So that combo with just being unorganized sometimes really […]

Worst Blogger Ever…

Have you ever met people that you felt like they have always been there, like always apart of your life? Well this is that family for me! I love them as if they were my own and I’m pretty sure they feel the same about me (fingers crossed)! I was so happy and honored they […]

Wallace Family Pictures | Southeastern Family Photographers | Bobbye Jean Photography


Yay! I love this time of year! I enjoy getting to photograph these littles in every season! This is baby K’s first pumpkin season and I’m looking forward to many more!! 

Pumpkin Patch with my Babies | Texas Family Photographer | Bobbye Jean Photography

Welcome Baby M! This was the first session I got to do of the Contreras Family with their new little bundle of joy! Congratulations! 

Contreras Fall Family Pictures | Texas Family Photographer | Bobbye Jean Photography