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I’m so excited to be a small part in these two big day! They have some super cute details picked out, I have yet to get to shoot at the GORGEOUS Pecan Grove in Caddo, Oklahoma and I know this will be a highlight of my year! They came with their adorable little fur baby […]

Oklahoma Summer Engagements Britton + Bree'Andrea

Oh my were these two so funny! We mainly giggled at Chelsea’s expense but still we giggled and that makes up the best part of a relationship. Most of my couples think I’m completely nuts when I tell them to look at each other and these fun and silly images is why I do it. […]

Leonard Texas Engagement Session Dakota + Chelsea


How cute are these two kiddos! This engaged couple came to me from Fort Towson, I’ve been fortunate to get a few clients from that area and they are always so shy and sweet. I just love meeting new couples and having them be some of my extended family.  There is nothing better then capturing […]

Summer Engagement Session Neci + Tallon

I can’t even ask for a better session then this one. I couldn’t have planned it better, I couldn’t have asked for better weather or light or the fact there was a freggin’ AIRPLANE in it. How did I not ever know there was a private air strip just up the road from the Rattan […]

Airplane Engagement Session Maegan + Steven


In between all of this crazy “spring” weather there was this beautiful day! We are so lucky to have caught it at just the right time! I was so surprised to go just 20 minutes south of my house and the trees already had so many more leaves and there was bright green grass ever […]

Sweet Oklahoma Engagement Session Trevor + Jaclyn

  I love my tribe of brides this year more then ever, especially Miss Alli, she is like my Taryn from last year. She’s fun and silly and has such a great personality. She also told me she knew I was a perfect fit when I pulled up in a feed truck to their engagement […]

Oklahoma Mountain Side Engagement Colby + Alli


  So planning Cassidy and Andrew’s engagement session I knew I wanted something fun and different. Cassidy’s mom Kelley is so super sweet even though I have never met her in person, our phone conversations could go on for hours and hours so I knew I wanted to do something special for them. Keep in […]

Texas Tulip Engagements Andrew + Cassidy

Let me tell you the story of our relationship, Samantha had been following me on Facebook for awhile and she told me she just loved my work. Now I have had the pleasure and privilege of having a few people tell me that, but the way she spoke about my pictures made me feel different. […]

Timeless Winter Wedding Sal + Sam


So if you read the last post you know all the reason I don’t like winter shoots… Haha, but sometimes they can be super sweet, so I thought I would write some reasons why I do like them. Number 1: Like the title shows they can be cozy… Like what better why to get a […]

Cozy Winter Engagement Justin + Jackie

To be completely honest… I really do not like shooting in the winter… There are so many different things that can be a hinderance. 1. ummm is so stinking cold… and if you know me I’m already cold all the time. I drink coffee just cause but sometimes I drink it just to stay warm. […]

Cattle Ranch Engagement James + Lydia