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Hello Gorgeous!  Thanks for coming back for part 2 of my what to wear series. If you are here for the first time check out part 1 HERE.  So last week we talked about white on white and this week we are dipping into prints. I do honestly believe any print works for photos, plaid, […]

Katy + Robbie | What to wear Engagements Pt. 2 | Bobbye Jean Photography

Meet Tara, she’s a rockstar in my book and a rockstar to her mom too. I cried when I read this,  “Today I am a SUPER proud Mom! My daughter graduated with a master’s of science in occupational therapy. She was also recently recognized by NSU’s honor program. The little girl (Harper) that you see […]

Tara Looney Girl Boss | Muskogee, Oklahoma | Bobbye Jean Photography


I don’t know what it is about Texas light. It just shine different, all the tress have low branches and create the most beautiful bokeh and well it’s just gorgeous there.  When I first moved to San Antonio in 2011 I thought to myself, “look at theses ugly little trees.” We have pretty good sized […]

Sam + Sal Engagement | The Oaks at Boerne, Texas | Bobbye Jean Photography

I love when the Moore kids come to see me, they are always bright and full of smiles. The boys like to give me a hard time between takes showing me their silly faces and little sis is always ready to show her sass.  Even though this was supposed to be a family sesh and […]

The Moore Kids | Antlers, Oklahoma | Bobbye Jean Photography


While artificial lighting is always fun and you can create really dynamic images I’m pretty traditional with some good ol’ all naturelle light! 😀  So yesterday I was ask by a friend “to get this look, do I need one of those lightboxs?” I had to think just for a minute to even remember what […]

You CAN shoot your own products! | Sassy Saturday’s | Bobbye Jean Photography

So I’ll be honest… I actually looked up the “duties” that come along with being a bridesmaid and/or matron of honor and my expectations wasn’t to far behind. I have taken part in over 85 weddings over the past few years and can I say that I am pretty surprised how relaxed some of the ladies […]

How to Be a Cristina Bridesmaid | Oklahoma Wedding Photographer | Bobbye Jean Photography


Wedding Season is just around the corner! Did you know that nearly 40% of all engagements happen between November and February?! Yes I know it’s February 4th and we are both hoping that in the next 10 days will be the day! 😀  While you might get your rock in the next 10 days take […]

Engagement Season | Oklahoma Wedding Photographer | Bobbye Jean Photography

Oh Pinterest, I do spend so much time browsing through your hundreds of thousands of pins every single night. You are my best friend and my worst enemy. You give me so much inspiration and sometime become a hinderance. I love my brides and families, I do, I mean it. I form a relationship with […]

Pinterest, my best friend and my worst enemy | Southeast Oklahoma Photographer | Bobbye Jean Photography