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Hello Gorgeous! 

Thanks for coming back for part 2 of my what to wear series. If you are here for the first time check out part 1 HERE. 

So last week we talked about white on white and this week we are dipping into prints. I do honestly believe any print works for photos, plaid, stripe (not teeny tiny ones, though) that cause chromatic aberration which is not pretty, but I think florals are oh so popular and look so good on camera.

Katy opted for a combo of stripe and floral which I love and makes for a really dynamic outfit choice, she found the light mint color in her dress to coordinate with Robbie, together they look very well thought out and intentional. Remember coordination over matching! 

When choosing a pattern to add to your session think of the overall scheme of the shoot, if it’s for engagements for example will this pattern look good on the sign-in table at your wedding, will the colors go well with the decor? Or even for family photos, I like to choose colors that will look good hanging above my couch. Making intentional color choices will elevate your overall design.

I also like to encourage my brides/moms to consider professional hair and makeup. Katy’s look was created by Candi Rayburn at Bow’s and Arrow’s located downtown Antlers, OK. She went for a light and stunning color pallet with Katy. She looks well put together without being too dramatic which I believe suits her overall style and personality very well. A professional hair and makeup artist understands what looks good in pictures, when you are in the chair you might think it’s a little powerful or overdone but the camera will take away the majority of it. I will have a consultation with Candi before your session if you have decided to use her as your stylist. 

We will be back in a few weeks to complete the series with another way to stylize your shoot. So stayed tuned! 

Click here to view and download the entire album. 

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