My Grandad is Nothing Less then a Father to Me | Nick & Kelsey’s Finley Ceremony | Bobbye Jean Photography

I love getting to be apart of AMAZING stories, like I said yesterday I have one for the books! 

Nick and Kelsey met through mutual friends when Nick was in his first year of law school and Miss Kelsey had just moved out to Oklahoma from Virginia. She had been selected to instruct in Tulsa through Teach for America. This program recruits remarkable and diverse individuals to become teachers in low-income communities (lucky for Nick)! 

Their first date, he asked her to Mary’s Italian kitchen in Tulsa and she was very shocked at this since they had met twice before and he had acted so disinterested, especially since she thought he was so cute, she was so excited!

The day after their FIRST date Nick brought Christmas gifts for her whole class of more then 25.  She caught him reading a book to one of her homeless students and she saw him choking up while reading his gift! She knew at that very moment he was a keeper! 

Nick’s Proposal

“So l proposed last summer–July 1st. I had told Kelsey earlier in the week that we were going with my law firm to a political fundraiser at the Tulsa Historical Society. That Friday we got ready and went but I acted like we were there early and to pass the time I convinced her to get out and walk around–I had a photographer in hiding and eventually I took her to this spot in front of one of the gardens and proposed.”

“Afterwards we went back to my house and my mom and grandparents were waiting to surprise us with champagne (I also surprised her with plane tickets back to Virginia for the next day so we could celebrate with her parents!”

His mother has spoken to me about Grandad’s Alzheimers and that it would be difficult for him to travel. I asked Nick why they had a ceremony in Finley, after hearing his response I about broke down.

“We had the little ceremony at Finley so that my grandparents could be there to watch me get married, a trip to Virginia for the big wedding was just too much. They half raised me and are a huge part of my life. My grandad is nothing less than a father to me.”

Nick couldn’t possibly imagine getting married without his grandfathers approval and attendance. Moments like this is why I love being a small part in the wedding industry. I am honored the Tuckers chose me to capture these special moments. 


Dress: Dillard’s Preston & York.

Bride Rings: Israel Diamond Supply 

Nick’s ring is actually his grandads wedding ring!

Flowers: Pattie’s Place

Cake: Amanda 580-775-1331

Catered: Cowboy BBQ 


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