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Oh Pinterest, I do spend so much time browsing through your hundreds of thousands of pins every single night. You are my best friend and my worst enemy. You give me so much inspiration and sometime become a hinderance. I love my brides and families, I do, I mean it. I form a relationship with these individuals. Sometimes I have a client who wants Pinterest and when I say wants it, she WANTS it. Then I have clients that just have vision. They like a certain style or the feeling of images they find on Pinterest and that’s just how they can verbally and physically produce the dream of their wedding photos. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to whack down anyones mood boards but I will not be able to produce exactly what you see. 

Here’s the deal, you have sent me 20 images of 20 different weddings each one with a different background, different lighting, and different time of the year. So when we get out there to do formals, we will never reproduce every one of these images. However, we can go for the feeling of that image. I do have a little set up of how I pose couples, it’s a little method if you will say. But I am always interested in seeing and trying new things. Just keep in mind I don’t want to copy someone else’s work either. 

In this particular wedding with Christi and Pancho, she was organized (which I adore and love). She had poses, she’s had musts and if we have times, she had a timeline and she kept everyone organized. Christi knew that if she wanted to be able to get all of these poses and more she would have to do a First Look and stay on time. She was a dream client and I hope to be able to work with her and her family again! Thanks again for choosing me! Below you can see the Pins she sent me and what we did to accommodate those visions. 😀 

  1. Christi Froese says:

    You’re far too kind! I appreciate your thorough explanations of capturing photos especially in certain lighting.. I was so glad you were open to photo pose ideas and am very pleased with the outcome.

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